⚠️ Statement to Members: ICI Strike ⚠️

To all members of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America ("UBCJA") working in the ICI sector of the construction industry in the province of Ontario.

Brothers and Sisters:

The results of ratification votes held by every Local Union of the Carpenters' District Council of Ontario ("CDCO") have now been counted. The members across the province have voted overwhelmingly (by over 75%) to reject the offer put forward by the employers.

Therefore, the CDCO is announcing that as of one minute after midnight on Monday May 9, 2022 the Carpenters' Union will be on strike in the ICI sector across the province of Ontario.

We are hoping that before Monday the employers agree to sit down with the Union and try to negotiate an improved offer. If they do so, it may be possible to avoid a work stoppage, but, as of now, all members of the Carpenters' Union in the ICI sector in Ontario should be prepared to be on strike on May 9th,

**please check your Local Union's websites and other social media for more information**