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Toronto's Carpenters' Union.

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Why Local 27?

Through being a member of Local 27, you have the opportunity to work on some of the largest construction projects across Toronto and the surrounding areas. From starting an apprenticeship to accessing health and safety training to developing the skills needed to work in the 21st century, members of Local 27 have the ability to gain the skills and knowledge needed to advance their careers both on and off the tools. 


World Class Training

The Carpenters' Union takes pride in having one of the most productive and skilled workforces in construction. Members who belong to Local 27 have access to training programs and courses that are delivered by a team of highly skilled instructors through The College of Carpenters and Allied Trades.


Productivity & Efficiency

Local 27 members along with members of The Carpenters’ Union are the most productive and efficient workers on construction projects small and large. With a focus on employment along with countless job opportunities this makes Local 27 the perfect Union to join. Local 27 members are connected to employment that provides an opportunity to have a long successful career in the trades.



Carpenters' Local 27 is a progressive Local with over 10,000 members working on a variety of projects and job sites across Toronto and the surrounding areas. Local 27 is part of 30 Locals across Canada affiliated with the Carpenters’ Regional Council.




Our Executive Board, Business Representatives and Organizers have extensive experience in the industry 

before taking a staff role with Local 27 serving the membership. Staff of Local 27 understand the needs of both our members and signatory contractors and focus on ensuring contractors have the required skilled workforce needed to complete projects on time and on budget.


Our Crafts & Trades

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ICRA Training Video


With the UBC ICRA training, you'll learn necessary safeguards to protect your patients from health hazards during construction.

Safety is priceless. ICRA Training is free.

Have inquiries? Email us at: 

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The Working

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The College of Carpenters is proud to announce that we have teamed up with Mental Health Commission of Canada and will be offering a new virtual course to the membership starting January 2022.


The Working Mind is an evidence-based program designed to promote mental health and reduce the stigma around mental illness in the workplace.

The Working Mind is designed to:

- Increase your awareness of mental health
- Reduce stigma and other barriers to care in the workplace - Encourage mental health conversations
- Strengthen your resilience in order to maintain wellness
- Help you support yourself and others

Along with this new training the Carpenters’ Union Local 27 has started a new mentoring program, anyone taking The Working Mind course is eligible to participate in this new initiative to help grow and improve our organization.


(Mentor): Practice leadership, learn new things, create positive behaviours, and maybe help change someone’s life by sharing                 experiences and navigating an apprentices goals for their future with in the trades.


(Mentee): Personal and career development, expand your network, gain insight.

Download the application forms here!

For more information be sure to email: 




For any inquiries, questions or commendations on how to join Local 27 please contact us!

Contact Us


Tel: 905-652-4140

Office Fax: 905-652-4139

222 Rowntree Dairy Road

Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 9T2

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