Executive Board / Office Staff / Business Representatives

Carpenters Local 27 is a progressive labour organization representing over 8,000 members performing a variety of tasks that fall under the umbrella of general carpenter. Local 27 is part of 16 Locals across Ontario affiliated with the Carpenters’ District Council of Ontario, which has over 30,000 members province wide.




The Executive Board, Business Representatives and Organizers who represent Local 27 all worked on the tools before dedicating their time to serving the Union. They understand and appreciate the day-to-day intensity and focus that must be brought to job sites to complete a project on time and on budget. We bring this same focus to the negotiating table and are proud to represent our members.

Executive Board

President/Local Union Coordinator

Paul Daly

Vice President

Rory Smith

Recording Secretary

Financial Secretary

Pat Bono


Kevin Harrigan


Chris Crompton


Mark Russo


David DaSilva



Chris Campbell

Sean Blake


Amanda Howell


Office Staff

Anna Maria Macri

Dues Office

Elena Bruno

Samantha DeRosa

Gemma Beis

Hiring Hall

Residential Sector Admins

ICI Sector Admin

Office Manager

Joana Azevedo Malheiro

Daniel Ciufo

Digital Media Administrator

Lorraine Williams

Union Representatives

Chris Crompton

Emanuel Furtado

Frank Munno

Horacio Leal

Darren Gilley

Joe Iannuzzi

Kevin Harrigan

Mark Russo

Phillip Scarcella

Rick Baric

Sean Blake

Tomas Bereta

Rory Smith

Don Penteluke

Chris Gallucci

Eduart Duzha

John Noble


Mental Health Hotline