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De Novo Treatment Centre

The DeNovo Substance abuse dependency Rehabilitation, Education and Prevention Programs, is a Labour-Management jointly funded and administered structured response to the issue of alcohol and other drug dependencies affecting members of Local 27, their immediate families, the Workplace and the Industry as a whole. This service is offered to members in good standing with Local 27. If you require to attend DeNovo please contact Gemma Beis at 905-652-4140 ext. 273 for further details. DeNovo is located in Huntsville, Ontario and the program is 35 days.



If you are a member in good standing with Local 27 and require treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, please contact Gemma ext. 273 for further information.


Address: 87 Forbes Hill Dr. Huntsville, Ontario. P1H 1R1

Telephone: 705-787-0247

Toll Free: 1-800-933-6686



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