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Custom architectural millwork requires the work of an expert—a skilled professional who can craft fine woodwork, cabinetry, and décor in commercial, residential, institutional, and retail structures. Cabinetmakers and millworkers fabricate and install decorative and functional elements, including trim and molding, cabinetry, ceiling treatments, doors, windows, exposed columns and beams, displays, mantels, staircases, and more. Members of United Brotherhood of Carpenters are trained in all these skills, including the proper operation of woodworking shop machinery and tools.

Materials that are used within millwork are historically any wood mill produced products for building construct.  Today, millwork also encompasses items that are made using alternatives to wood, including synthetics, plastics, and wood adhesive composites. Often specified by architects and designers, millwork products are considered a design element within a room or building to create mood or design themes. Millwork products are used on both interior and exterior applications and can serve as either decorative or functional features of a building. Examples of millwork can include expansive wall units comprised of cabinetry and panelling of various types of materials, kitchens and interactive office spaces as well as office furniture. Millwork also includes display exhibits at various conventions, most notable the Canadian Home Show and Auto Show. As Millwork continuously evolves in the industry so do the Carpenters of this Union.

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