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Scaffold & Access

Members of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters who focus on scaffolding and access are responsible for erecting, inspecting, maintaining and dismantling of scaffolding & access equipment on projects in the residential, industrial, commercial, institutional and heavy sectors ranging from small to multibillion dollar projects.  


Scaffold and Access plays a critical role on all types of construction projects. Scaffolding and Access enables members to work on buildings from heights enabling others to work safely, productively and efficiently. Scaffold and Access provides the ability to move around a project while having a safe place to work. 


The main types of scaffolding used on projects today include Tube & Clamp and System scaffolding, swing stage and mast-climb. These systems keep people safe and can be seen on buildings, bridges and road & walkways. Scaffolding also includes event seating and towers as well as weather protection and site scaffold for stairs and hoarding 

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