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Letter to Members re Request for Interim Vacation Pay Payout

RE: Applying for Early Withdrawal of your Vacation Pay Balance

Dear Member:

As you are well aware, COVID-19 has begun to disrupt Canadian business and social routines and understandably is raising concerns for Members and their families. The situation is evolving quickly and changes daily.

The Board of Trustees of the Carpenters’ Local 27 Benefit Trust Funds, together with the Carpenters’ Local Union 27 and the General Contractors’ Section of Toronto, recognize the potential financial impact that working Members of the Local Union 27 may face due to the virus. This includes forced quarantine, self-isolation and the possibility of jobsite shutdowns.

To assist its Members, the Board of Trustees has agreed to allow Members the ability to request an early withdrawal of their available Vacation Pay balance. The request will be made on a one-time basis, prior to the next payout currently scheduled for June 2020.

To submit a request for an interim withdrawal of your available Vacation Pay, you will be required to complete and submit an electronic Vacation Pay Request Form, which is available on 7 on the Carpenters’ Local 27 website or your myManion account under “Forms”. The completed form is to be submitted to the Trust Fund’s Administrator, Manion Wilkins & Associates Ltd. using one of the following methods:

  • Once you have filled out all of the required information electronically, click on the “Send” icon. A message will pop up to select your email application or webmail address. Once you have selected your preferred email application or webmail address, an automated email will be prepared and is ready. Simply click “send”; or

  • Send a copy of the completed form by email to


  • Payment will be only be issued by direct deposit. There will be no issuance or mailing of cheques.

  • Forms will only be accepted electronically.

We ask that you please log in to your myManion account to ensure that your banking information is up to date. You can log in to myManion by downloading the app on your mobile device or by accessing the online portal at

If you require any assistance in logging in to your myManion account or with filling out the Vacation Pay Request Form, please contact Manion at 1-866-532-8999.

Yours Truly,

The Board of Trustees The Carpenters’ Local 27 Benefit Trust Funds

Chris Campbell Bryan Arnold Chris Crompton Tony Fanelli Paul Daly Rocco Lotito Mike Yorke Jim Vlahos

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