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StrollTO, part of ShowTO launching September 19, 2020 Background: Sponsored by Local 27!

  • StrollTO will motivate residents to actively discover the unexplored shops, stops, places and spaces within their local main streets. Toronto residents will be encouraged to be tourists in their own backyard by exploring their neighbourhood. Whether alone or with their social circle, the idea is to get residents outside, get active and get to know their neighbourhoods’ hidden gems!

  • For the 2020 launch, 25 'Strolls' (self-guided itineraries) have been created (one for each ward).

  • The Strolls (itineraries) are built around a thriving main street or BIA (where available) and include suggested points of interest such as attractions, green spaces and historic buildings.

  • Strolls highlighting attractions that are culturally and historically significant with a spotlight on diverse equity seeking group points of interest will be a focus.

  • Participants will get a taste of neighbourhood exploration through StrollTO and then will be motivated to discover other neighbourhoods throughout the city.

  • The self-guided itineraries will be available online (on Destination Toronto website) beginning September 14.

  • The City of Toronto and Destination Toronto are partnered to present StrollTO: The City of Toronto is producing the program, Destination Toronto is hosting the neighbourhood itineraries on their website and amplifying the marketing for the program.

  • On weekends from September 18 to December 5, neighbourhoods will see artist activations delivered in a 'pop-up/stumble upon' style. To be compliant with group gathering guidelines, pre-event marketing will be kept to a minimum.

  • In 2021, the program expands to become 'LocalTO-Neighbourhood Passport'. All 140 official Toronto neighbourhoods will have itineraries created. The program includes a Neighbourhood Passport with incentives attached to the number of stamps a resident receives by visiting and experiencing neighbourhoods across the city.

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